5 axis waterjet cutting, sheet metal bending & fabrication


1205 Manhattan Ave, Greenpoint, Brooklyn

To receive a quote: please email me a drawing file.  Acceptable formats are: DXF, DWG or AI file types.  Our email address is INFO@MEERPRECISION.COM

  • architectural metal work

  • sculpture & art works

  • furniture

  • fixtures

  • prototypes & one-offs

  • water jet cutting

  • sheet metal bending

  • welding

  • tapping

  • countersinking

  • Steel

  • Aluminum

  • Brass

  • Copper

  • Titanium

  • Acrylic

  • Glass

  • Marble

  • Porcelain

  • Composites

* Lead-time for most waterjet work is approximately 2-3 business days.   

A-Jet Horizontal_Spray.jpg
4” steel 3”dia. washers.jpg
Air drying
Knife blanks for _michael_zieba
4” glass cuts
The ol’ cut’n bend.  60x6x2. .jpg
Brass stacks for LampTouch
Polished aluminum prototypes for bond ha
Some polished stainless bits on stainles
It was bring your kid to work day at #me
These tiny parts are part of some giant
3000+ bends yesterday for __tw2m_
16” steel tabs for one of UpCycles new b
2” Aluminum rings
8” 6061 parts for Boston Biomotion.jpg
Prototype front rack mount. Why_  Becaus
Stack’em high.jpg  Copper frames.jpg
Sorry for insta-ramming this down your t
Cut 1 48x96 “vintage” mirror into 220 2x
Some .jpg050” brass strips for the good
8” Aluminum
Prototyping (some) motor mounts for the
.jpg625 Aluminum heat sink for mini cycl
16ga hot rolled. Got a pencil sketch wit
water jet brass washers
water jet tabbed tabs steel
water jet stainless cleats
Stacks of POSH sprockets water jet
water jet 1” Aluminum dropouts for _weismfg
roller boy steel stool custom fabricaton
Handle-ing it for Southside Building & D
Put a lid on it.jpg
Here is the finished copper frame.jpg
This guy fought me tooth and nail (that’
4” Acrylic
2” Steel cut on “standard” quality.  It’
Spun brass light canopies in for second
1.5” ABS Plastic.jpg
64x 14ga #4 stainless bent trays.jpg
Odds and Ends.jpg Prototyping some picat
8” marble bevels.jpg
Finally some decent brackets and chain f
Cut.jpg bend.jpg weld.jpg Cut again.jpg
Cutting Malachite with Garnet
A few more pieces for my friends _urbang
Cutting glass for _urbanglass_nyc
Prototyping brass frame profiles.jpg
4” copper standoffs.jpg
Pre-polished aluminum parts cut for _bon
Ceramic floor tiles cut to match MDF tem
Marble cuts.jpg
#stacks .jpg
bevel up
The s#it people want to cut on the water
60”x120”x.jpg25” porcelain sheets - wall
.jpg062 AL cutout “respect” for the rego
Some copper frame parts cut & bent — goi
8” thick so they stand on their own - or
Some more quick clamps. Used the kerf co
Some 1” ABS for ONE peloton
8” 6061 AL_  These should be a nice plat
_propelbikes released into the wild.jpg
water jet knife blanks
.032 brass mask. Some bling for you weld
4” stainless prototype tap handles.jpg
Titanium cuts sooo nice.jpg
Bulletproof_ maybe... waterjet-proof_ no
Wild wall panel for my bud Jason _jasonj
2” stainless door pulls #waterjet
.jpg125” carbon fiber “barriers” for DIA
.125” 5052 Aluminum “branches” for Subst
Self-fixturing Steel “glass mold” for Ma
Cutting slots in 3_ steel tubes for _jon
2 Pair - for our friend Cole _weismfg
Choppin’ “I”s and Stackin’ “T”s
Rockin' brass pick guard
Brass - Cut & Etch
Shop Life
Get bent.jpg.jpg.jpg
2” round bar at 41 degree angle.jpg
#stacks .jpg
Custom grille with hidden access panel.j
Nice to see your work out in the world.
4” aluminum brackets for _weismfg